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Creating custom laser therapy programs

LTI has developed dozens of protocols, laser settings, and treatment patterns. Our custom protocols are based on research and are proven in clinical practice.


"The evidence says you should be using laser to not only help your patient's pain levels with neuropathy, but also to keep them on their chemotherapy regimen."

"Laser therapy can be very effective for attacks of Bell's palsy, even in patients who are diabetic."

"For neuropathy and nerve damage, laser is not simply covering up the symptoms, but it actually helps with the pain while helping the body to perform repair on damaged nerve endings and nerve tracts. And that is very unique."

Foot Pain

"Laser therapy leads to an increase in cell proliferation, microcirculation, vascular neoformation, and collagen production, thus decreasing soft tissue degeneration of the muscle, fascia, ligament, and cartilage. It also has an anti-inflammatory action that may inhibit and/or attenuate the expression of inflammatory mediators and pain markers. Therefore, it's a good way to help out plantar fasciitis."

"The common complaints of neuropathy are pain. There can be loss of sensation, numbness, paresthesia, tingling, and oftentimes gait disturbance is included."

"In the group of studies where they did laser therapy and then other interventions, like interferential and other passive modalities, they saw best results with chronic back pain..."

Spinal Conditions
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Industry-leading webinars that address how laser therapy can help different types of conditions.