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Clinic Growth
& Patient Results

LTI Members attain exceptional results with laser therapy. This elevates reputation, encourages staff members, enables business growth and, most importantly, improves patient results.

Our primary focus is improving patients' health, which is why we enable clinicians through training. We offer guidance with clinic administration, including billing and office operations. We also keep track of the advancements being made in the laser therapy industry, such as new equipment developments and research. To help laser providers further, we offer patient-education materials and resources.

Inspiration in the field of photobiomodulation involves:

Clinic Success

Patient Education

Laser Advancements

Sample our expertise by viewing the free information and resources below.

Clinic Success

Looking to implement laser therapy in your practice but not sure how to start? We have the resources you need!

There is a lot to consider when adding or more heavily featuring a modality in your practice vs. starting a laser-centric practice. Whether you have your goal in mind or you are still trying to decide, we have the resources available to assist you. 

Whether you have an established practice or are opening a new one, and whether you want laser to be the primary focus or a supplement to your other treatment options, LTI was founded to help clinics transition toward providing successful laser therapy in a clinical setting. Effective administration, profitable returns, patient-centered approaches, and clinical experience is what we at LTI uniquely offer our members.

Flowchart of decision-making for implementing laser therapy

"How do I bill laser therapy codes to insurances?"

That is a question we get asked a lot. Every state is different, and there are multiple codes to consider based on which insurance the patient has. It can be complex and time-consuming to figure out if you're starting from scratch; fortunately, you don't have to!

General info about insurance coverage of laser therapy in the USA in 2022:

  • Medicare/Medicaid

    • Medical providers may be able to bill and collect a small allowable

  • Private Insurance

    • Most plans will reimburse varying amounts for most providers

  • Personal Injury/Auto Accidents

    • Most plans will reimburse most providers at 100%, at least for 6-12 sessions

  • Worker's Compensation

    • Nearly every state is different! Contact us for details.

LTI offers personalized coaching for both clinical and administrative needs, including billing. With years of national experience being accumulated, our personnel has gained insight on how to bill laser therapy codes to insurances. For a more in-depth review, read this blog post.

Or, better yet, talk to an owner of an LTI Member Clinic

To maximize your laser practice's effectiveness and efficiency, we encourage hiring laser technicians to apply the treatments when permitted by state law. This is why we have devoted multiple courses exclusively for technicians and treatment applications. Another course we have developed focuses on how to go about hiring a laser technician. Building a great team is such an important part of creating a successful practice, so our hiring course can be added to any one of our packages that does not already include it. Contact us for more details.

Clinic Administration

You are probably starting to think about money at this point as you are considering the costs associated with laser equipment, so let's address return on investment (ROI) here.

Laser can be very profitable—if you make a plan and follow through on it.

Factoring in absorption costs, expenses per treatment, staff wages, laser equipment, and more may lead you to ask, "Is it worth it?" 

Before you invest the time and money, go ahead and spend 10 minutes to answer that question:

Receive a free, personalized assessment and detailed analysis on how much you will need to charge per laser therapy treatment in order to make more than a 10% profit.


To increase your clinic's success, you must first increase your patients' success

When paired with our training, our protocols can deliver higher than 95% success rates for many conditions. LTI specializes in facilitating the development of laser-focused clinics, which is why our training covers everything from hands-on treatment application to office administration. 

When patients receive high-quality healthcare, they let others know, which drives in referrals and grows your practice.

In our opinion, it is the best form of marketing.

To complement this, we offer a lot of marketing materials and support, including posters...


And webpage optimization.

(Course Preview)

Patient Education

We focus heavily on creating content specific to patient education, including condition cards and brochures...

TissueRepairThumb.png well as waiting room videos and workshop materials.

Image by Alexander Shatov
Laser Therapy Learning Podcast

(Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the QR code to our biweekly patient podcast episodes so you can share them with your patients.)

We can help you educate your patients about laser therapy by not only offering the above materials and resources, but also by training you and your staff.

Are your staff members confident in explaining how laser therapy works?

Can you give the answer to how infrared light differs from red light, or how watts, irradiance, area, time, and hertz affect treatment dosage?

Do you feel confident in your ability to concisely tell patients how photobiomodulation impacts ATP production, blood flow, and blood oxygenation?

Patients who are confident in their provider are more confident in the proposed treatment. 

Give your patients confidence by first gaining yours and enabling your staff's.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 11.26.30 AM.png
Laser Advancements

Before committing your time and money to laser, you will want to ensure it is not a passing fad but, rather, is a sustainable treatment option in clinical settings. Also, if you are creating a business plan for your laser practice, you will want to find statistics that support the endeavor. 

That is why we recently gathered data on the global market of laser therapy and used that information to publish an industry report FREE to you.

Here are some highlights:

"The global laser therapy market is projected to realize a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 9% throughout the 2020s." 

The "'U.S. laser therapy devices market is estimated to foresee lucrative growth over the forecast period due to rapid rising acceptance of innovative laser therapy solutions in this region.'"

"Laser therapy is just as strongly recommended for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy as Cymbalta is; its efficacy surpasses the evidence for gabapentin, CBD, oxycodone, and scrambler therapy."

"'Many global device manufacturers are investing in progressing cold laser therapy devices.'"

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 11.21.25 AM.png

Over 400 studies on photobiomodulation were conducted in both 2020 and 2021 respectively, with more than 5,000 studies accumulated since this modality has been studied since the1980s. It is gaining traction not only among researchers, but also among patients, manufacturers, and healthcare providers.

Don't get left behind; learn how laser could best benefit you and your patients.

Membership Features

Practice Enrichment

It can be overwhelming to create a strategy and plan how you will implement laser therapy into your practice. How are you going to introduce it to your patients? How are you going to introduce it to the staff? And how are you going to execute it during the upcoming weeks, then months, then years? Having assistance with that implementation process is something you really need to have before you start so you aren't forced to quit soon after you begin—wasting time and money.

When you know you have proven protocols and treatment plans that work in practice and that you have great clinical support to supplement your training, you are going to be a lot more confident in what you're offering your patients.


LTI's protocols and clinical plans have been verified and supported by others' experience so you can give the benefits of laser to your patients right away!

The industry is rapidly advancing, and it can be time-consuming to stay up to date with all the changes in research, application, and technologies.

Let LTI stay up to date for you.

Our members receive updates from us on what is happening in the laser therapy market; this way, they can spend their time applying the relevant information to their practices instead of having to take up that time doing photobiomodulation science and market research.

LTI Members also automatically receive the latest updates and improvements to their LTI courses and protocols as they come—no manual updates necessary. 

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