Inspiring Success: Clinic Growth & Patient Results

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Why we train

We want to inspire clinicians to attain the very best results with laser therapy. This will encourage their staff, enable more business growth, and most importantly, improve patient results.


"There are factors that can affect the patient's progress other than just the laser settings you're using or the device you're using. But the wavelength is very important. The patient's metabolic status is important, their blood chemistry and their nutrition is important."

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Clinic Growth
Flowchart of decision-making for implementing laser therapy

"We've got patients that are going back to their physical therapists, their medical doctors, and stuff like that, and sharing these results. And we actually get referrals from local medical clinics . . . so our referrals aren't just coming from other patients, but they're coming from other clinicians."

"You need to do the very best you can for your patients, and in this case, using more laser for conditions like aphthous stomatitis will not only make your patients happy, but will also help you use your laser more frequently and improve your revenue stream."

"Practitioners are looking for good ways to implement laser therapy in their business approach and in their clinical practice so that it works for them from a business perspective as well as working for the patient to get the patient better."

"Laser Therapy Institute has produced some really great posters for all of our client clinics. They are gorgeously designed posters on a high quality material, and that is a part of the in-office marketing we help you with, in addition to laser brochures and decals."

"A huge part of what we do at Laser Therapy Institute is providing pathways to clinic growth. Patients are your biggest advertisers. They're going to be referring patients in because of the success they've had with their treatments through laser therapy at your clinic. For patients to have that success, of course, you need the education and the training to be able to give those treatments."

"Laser Therapy Institute is committed to helping our member clinics grow as well. And part of growing a laser clinic with referrals is helping the other healthcare providers around you understand a little bit about what you do and how it works."

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"A lot of people when they start out make a huge mistake. We made this mistake, and we underpriced laser. It is a valuable, valuable, valuable thing, and when you underprice it, people don't see it as valuable."

"One of the challenges with a laser therapy clinic is most times you have laser techs doing this treatment for you. That means a lot of hiring and many doctors and other healthcare providers are not really comfortable with hiring a large number of personnel, so we took a system that we have that we know works, that we've hired dozens of people with, and put it into a really easy to understand course with all the extra documentation."

"Are you confident with training your staff members? If you're not able to train your staff members specifically on how laser works, then are you able to explain to your patients how laser works? A lot of this comes back to staff training, and confidence on the part of the provider to pass that on to the staff."

"A lot of the courses in development right now follow that same concept of streamlining the clinic success, so that as a clinic owner and clinician, you don't have to do everything, instead you can train others in your clinic to help support that load. That is another reason we've utilized the online course format, because you can just turn your staff loose on those courses. They can go through them, get the knowledge they need, and they can immediately put it into action."

Clinic Administration
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