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What's coming in 2021?

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Today, we are going to be talking about what is coming up with LTIs programs this year!

Last week, we discussed a brand-new, free tool set that we published for laser therapy success in your practice. The week before that we talked about our 2020 year in review and all of the new things we have added. In today's post, I wanted to give a sneak-peak at what we are developing in this coming year!

Custom Laser Therapy Settings

So, today, I would like to start with one of the core foundational benefits that LTI produces and gives its members: the custom laser settings that we build. This month, we are releasing eight custom settings to our members that are very advanced, very special, and should make a big difference in how they help patients in their practice. Additionally, we have another neuropathy setting to add to that particular protocol, a three-part series to add for plantar fasciitis that will come out in March, and so much more! The custom settings that we build are ones that we prove in practice before sending them out to the field for everybody to start using. So, we are in the testing phase for those right now, but testing is going extremely well.

Success with Laser Therapy

Another thing we do here at LTI is produce resources that we know our members need. As I previously mentioned, we published a tool set for how to be successful with laser therapy in your practice last week. Jay is currently working on a brand-new product that is really going to help another common concern we run into: getting patients to buy into laser therapy. That resource will be released soon as an e-book! It is going to walk you through the talking points that patients typically want to know whenever they are learning about laser therapy and how it benefits them. So, healthcare providers who administer laser therapy in their clinic can refer to this as they address each talking point with patients, what they can expect from laser therapy, and a general idea of what their treatment plan is going to look like. As long as providers are confident in laser therapy, patients will feel confident in it as well.

In conjunction, a common question that we get is, "how do I sell laser therapy to my patients," but sell is such a difficult word. I do not believe anybody wants to sell things. We all want to recommend effective therapies. If you do not have confidence in laser therapy, then it is a lot harder to communicate to the patient what their needs are and to get them to buy into the treatment plan you are presenting. So, this e-book that Jay is working on, that we're all working on actually, will be totally free to download and we'll help you get that presentation of the care plan down so that you can focus more on getting that patient better and less on sales techniques.

Truly, it's not a sales technique if it's just presenting information based on research- you're simply educating the patient. You're not necessarily having to sell it anything to them. You just let them know the benefits that this medical treatment modality can give them.

Laser Clinic Growth

Laser Therapy Institute is committed to helping our member clinics grow as well. And part of growing a laser clinic with referrals is helping the other healthcare providers around you understand a little bit about what you do and how it works. So, a product that we're putting together for our members to be able to access later this year is a batch of form letters that are designed to be sent out to your local oncology, neurology and family practice health care centers, so that you can highlight what you do with laser therapy, the safety, the efficacy, and key cases that could be successful. You know, we all get into medicine to help patients. And you know that your local neurologist is frustrated by not being able to offer a better solution for people suffering with neuropathy and similar instances for family practice and oncology as well. So, these letters will be a really good, concise way to communicate with these other providers about what you can do with laser in your practice, you'll be able to customize them for your clinic, with your information and then be able to send those out and make contact with those healthcare providers.

And then another one that we're going to give you is what we call a case notes format document. And that is a way to communicate with your patient's primary care provider, or the doctors that refer patients to you, so that you can give updates to that referring doctor to keep them up on the patient's progress. i think that one of the things that's easy to fall down on in practice is that inter-doctor communication. The patient coordination works much better when you can make sure that the docs that are giving you referrals know how well their patients are responding. This will also help you build your brand recognition with the other practitioners in your area without taking up a lot of your time to do that.

And the really great thing about these particular form letters and these case notes format documents is that you can designate a staff member in your clinic to easily put these together in a quick fashion so that you can get this information condensed and sent out without taking up your entire weekend trying to stay up on paperwork. A lot of the courses in development right now follow that same concept of streamlining the clinic success, so that as a clinic owner and clinician, you don't have to do everything, instead you can train others in your clinic to help support that load. That is another reason we've utilized the online course format, because you can just turn your staff loose on those courses. They can go through them, get the knowledge they need, and they can immediately put it into action.

Online Training for Laser Therapy

Additional online courses that we have in development right now are advanced laser safety, as well as courses for case managing, billing, scribing, documentation, and even marketing. And then we have another course series that's coming in for the neuropathy program.

Kristi has designed some amazing courses that are interactive, that use multiple formats to present the material without all the fluff. So, you can quickly power through, get the information you need and then move on to implementing it in practice. And something else we're trying to work towards this year is getting CE accreditation for these courses. Because if you can go through these courses and then have that count for your state's continuing education credits, that'll be just one more thing we can help you get done to streamline the operations at your clinic and your personal responsibilities. Another resource that will hopefully streamline your clinic's success is the resources page we have available on our website that is continuously being updated. You'll find the research articles that we have done podcasts and blogs about.

Laser Therapy Webinars

Something we are going to be doing for our members and anyone else will be some free webinars. I think we did one or two last year, and in 2021 we would like to do some quarterly webinars that'll be open to anyone and everyone. We'll be talking about things like how laser works, how to use laser to address issues like low back pain or neuropathy and traumatic brain injury. Webinars will help us pass on more information about what we know through the research and clinical experience about using laser so that you can continue to develop your knowledge base on using laser in practice.

Laser Therapy Marketing

2020 was a really strange year. I think it probably upset a lot of people's plans for marketing. One thing we're no longer doing at our Montana clinic is in-person events, which were a lot of fun and helped bring in new patients. So, one of the ways we would like to help our member clinics get better outreach in 2021 is by starting to send out weekly templates for blog posts. Blog posts are a great way to drive more traffic to your website. And from there, with the right web design, you'll be able to capture that interest and turn it into a new patient lead. And by using our blog post format, you can customize it, change it up according to how your clinic operates, put your information in there and post it with yourself as the author. It'll really cut down on the time and the creativity you need to put into maintaining an active blog page.

Another important marketing tool for 2021 is going to be email marketing. Email marketing, especially to an existing patient base, has become much more important. So, we're also going to be able to send you weekly email templates that are focused on using laser therapy for certain conditions. You can then personalize these and send them out every week to your patients to maintain that contact and be able to continue to drive interest even with patients who may have dropped out of care.

LTI- Helping Your Clinic Succeed

This is a lot of information that we've talked about here, and this isn't meant to overwhelm you; we want to produce tools to help you, and it's going to come along in pieces, some weekly, some monthly, but over the course of this year. The great thing though is that all these online courses and tools are accessible to our members at any time. They're mobile friendly. The member content will be archived so that if you don't get to it this week, or you're not ready to start a blog until maybe next September, that's totally fine. You're not going to lose out on anything. It'll be there for you archived, ready to use, and kept fresh every week.

That's our goal for 2021! Get as much content as we can about laser therapy to expand your knowledge and make it easy for you to implement. Are you ready to make your 2021 incredible? Start a membership today!


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