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Looking back at 2020, and forward to 2021!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

This has been a busy year for LTI! In addition to completing an entire year of podcasting we also started this blog. And the blog has been a way to deliver this kind of content about laser therapy research, but in that written format, that may be easier for some people to take advantage of. If you're looking for a particular condition or specific information, the podcast and the blog actually have good search features.

We also went to the effort of redesigning the website, which we are working to turn into a great resource of information. You'll be able to find content about laser therapy and get some ideas for your practice and how you market it.

Updated laser therapy training

Our next area of improvement has been in our learning management system. That is where we host all of our online courses for laser therapy training, and we have enhanced almost every course this year. We have made several courses mobile friendly so that our clients can access them from their phones and tablets on demand. The content quality has continued to improve as well, with courses that are interactive, engaging, and easy to navigate. One of the things we are proud of is the fact that our courses get right to the point and don't waste your time on fluff content. Instead, the courses deliver information quickly and in several methods of delivery, so that videos are intermixed with text and audio content as well as interactive sections. Another nice thing about the way we have built these courses is to make them easy to review. It's not hard to go in and find the material you want to review, and our members can do that as often as they like.

A slide from one of our online courses.
Laser therapy training

This is how we are focused on helping patients. We do this by helping medical providers learn about using laser to help their patients with this amazing modality. Our online courses are easy to access, understandable, and make an immediate difference in how you practice every day. Our podcasts and blogs keep providers up to date on the research as well. There are almost 400 studies that have been published just in 2020. That's incredible. Every year we have more and more research, and you can count on LTI to bring that to you continuously in an accessible format, condensed in a way that makes the best use of your time.

Custom training packages

Another development in 2021 was the introduction of custom training packages. That was a big project that we worked on in the early part of the year. When LTI started, either you were in, or you weren't. Early in 2020 we said Hey, let's get something out there that more people can access. You know, not everyone needs to know everything. Some people just need to get that safety certification or that basic operation of laser down. And some people want more than that. So what we've arranged at this point are different levels of education. You can get started with a foundational course, or you can have a full on membership, or an expert level membership where you get access to all of our custom settings that we've developed, the treatment plans, the advanced training, and the administrative and hiring courses that we published earlier this year.

We also have a neuropathy package now, so that clients who want to know specifically about neuropathy can get the foundational training, and then can add on the neuropathy protocols.

Those neuropathy protocols are excellent and easy to apply in your practice right away. The foundation training will-

  • make sure you know your safety

  • know your basic laser operation

  • ensure you can train your techs and get them certified

  • help you jump right into providing care for neuropathy patients.

You get three custom protocols that you can program into your laser. You'll also get all the education for how to evaluate those neuropathy patients and then walk them through a treatment plan and what that looks like. That's been a new, big development and the pricing on that is incredibly reasonable. If you look and see what else is out there, I think we've got a steal of a deal when it comes to our neuropathy package. We have a three-part series coming out to add to that; what neuropathy is, how to test for it, and marketing ideas. Check out all our training packages here.

Laser therapy clinic administration

That brings up another point- one of the challenges with a laser therapy clinic is most times you have laser techs doing this treatment for you. That means a lot of hiring and many doctors and other healthcare providers are not really comfortable with hiring a large number of personnel, so we took a system that we have that we know works, that we've hired dozens of people with, and put it into a really easy to understand course with all the extra documentation. And that's now course 501, the hiring process. And we've got other courses in the 500 series coming too that focus on practice administration. We have a lot of courses planned for development and publication in 2021, and a lot of the materials are already produced.

At this point, we have close to a hundred different content pieces and over 20 courses within the learning management system. Within the next 12 months we are probably going to add another 50 to 75% more on top of the content we already have. And that pace is really high, but we have a lot to be able to share and provide for our clients. And that's one of the nice things about having a membership, you have continual access to this improving content. There are no upgrade fees. You continuously get everything as soon as it's published.

As an example of membership benefits, we're about to send out posters. Laser Therapy Institute has produced some really great posters for all of our client clinics. They are gorgeously designed posters on a high quality material, and that is a part of the in-office marketing we hap you with, in addition to laser brochures and decals.

new posters!
Laser Therapy Institute

Another example is course 102, Laser Safety. It looks totally different now than it did in February. in addition to being mobile-friendly, it's got additional content, new videos, new slides, it's got a whole different look to it. So, if you're reading this and you're a client, if you haven't been out there recently to check out the updates, I would very much encourage you to log into your LMS to see the new material.

We also like our members to get all their staff involved in some level of our training. There is a different knowledge base. Different staff need to know different things than the healthcare provider, but then wouldn't it be great to have your front desk staff educated and onboard where they can answer some of the basic questions that patients have? Things like, does this laser hurt me? And the front desk can say, no, I know all about it. There's no radiation. It's completely non-invasive. Your reception staff don't need to be experts, but if they can answer some of those questions, they can start selling laser therapy for you right there at the front desk when they answer the phone or when they talk to patients.

Which therapy laser should I get?

A question we get often is about what laser systems we support. Now, our programs are actually usable for multiple types of lasers. And we focus on the multi wavelength, high intensity class four devices, but many of our programs can be used across several different platforms.

However, in 2020 we were named the only provider of advanced clinical training for K-Laser. K-Lasers are devices made in Italy by Eltech. Their Cube Plus 30 is currently one of the newest, highest power devices on the market. If you buy a K-Laser, then you have access to a very specialized advanced training program and clinical support through Laser Therapy Institute. This partnership is something we are really excited about and look forward to helping hundreds of new doctors in their journey into laser therapy.

FREE laser therapy tools!

Thanks for reading about our 2020 progress. On our next podcast episode, we're going to drop a really neat piece of content for absolutely free. it's going to help with implementing laser therapy in your practice. If you're wondering about whether you need training or whether laser therapy is even a good fit for you, or if you're one of those many, many practitioners who has a laser and rarely uses it, this is going to be a great piece of gear. Listen to that episode right here!


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