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13 Steps to Success with Laser Therapy- FREE Guide!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

LTI just launched a brand new, free tool! This tool is designed to help healthcare practitioners implement and improve their use of laser therapy in practice. Jay, our client relations manager, has been the main force behind developing this tool set so that we can get it out to the public, and it can help you whether you're an LTI client or not. I think you'll find excellent value in using this tool set. As soon as Jay showed me his ideas for this tool set, I thought it was perfect because this is going to be a great way for you to learn more about yourself, your clinic, and your ability to implement and have success with laser therapy.

Free Laser Therapy Success Guide

This is designed for clinicians and wherever they may be in their relationship with laser therapy. Whether you've only heard about laser, or you're using it every day, or it's something you'd like to do more of, laser therapy can be a challenging and rewarding practice.

So, you're going to be given a link to the guide at the end of this post. Let's go ahead and get into some of the features it has, then click the link at the bottom to download your free copy!

The first question you'll see on this toolset, is:

Do you currently own a class four laser unit?

K-Laser Training

If you're going to perform laser therapy in practice, you have to have a laser. A class 4 laser is going to be your best option for clinical performance for a number of reasons- learn more on this episode of the LTI podcast. You can also read about the research on class 3 vs class 4 here.

Laser Therapy Return on Investment

Next question:

Have you had a good return on investment for your laser unit?

If you're not using it a lot or if you're giving it away, you can't have a good return on investment. You should not give away such a valuable service. And that again, ties back into confidence. If you devalue the service then it's not going to communicate the credibility to actually help people. And if it does help people, which we know it does out of experience and the science behind it, then it's our obligation as healthcare providers to get that treatment to patients, knowing that it will help them. And we can't be scared to advocate for a treatment modality because of the apprehension that the patients have or that we as providers have.

If you don't have a good return on investment maybe you should even upgrade your laser unit to something newer that has better capability to improve your patient success. A lot of the older units were not as advanced as what's out there now. We are seeing 30-watt units commonly and higher; 45 and 60-watt units out there, multiwavelength units with presets that work incredibly well. So if you've not had the best results, maybe you should look at your equipment, evaluate that, and decide if you want to upgrade it.

If the toolset does show you that you want to look at upgrades, there is a way to contact us. You can give us some information so that we can better educate you on where you should be able to go with your clinic and your specific situation. We will look into what your abilities are in practice, what your goals are, and then we can give you some additional information that can help guide you to some of the, some of the best units out there.

Laser Therapy Training: Better Results, Better Profits

And what about the people who are going "no, I've got a great unit, but it just sits there." Maybe it hasn't had such a good ROI. How do you break out of that pattern and get laser working in your practice? This toolset will lead you to the next step to get your laser practice moving again.

Laser Therapy ROI
Laser therapy return on investment

Your staff is a big part of delivering laser therapy treatments because you can have staff members operate the laser for your patients. They simply need some training and proper oversight, and as long as they are confident in how to deliver treatments, you'll have more free time in your practice and happy patients who are getting great laser therapy results. Another aspect here is how your staff run your clinic. Is it running to its highest potential? Is it getting the smoothest flow? Are patients coming in and experiencing the most effective time in your clinic with seeing the provider and getting the treatment and getting out the door? That's another aspect of making sure that the patient's experience with your clinic is as positive as it can be.

Another thought here is, are you confident with training your staff members? If you're not able to train your staff members specifically on how laser works, then are you able to explain to your patients how laser works? A lot of this comes back to staff training, and confidence on the part of the provider to pass that on to the staff. That is something that we have provided at LTI for a long time, training not only for the healthcare provider, but also for the staff to lighten the load on the provider and improve the confidence of both the provider and the staff.

Should I Add Laser Therapy to my Clinic?

What if you're one of those many practitioners out there who's just thinking about adding laser? You don't have a good class 4 therapy unit yet, and you're thinking, "maybe I should!" This toolset will take you to resources to help you learn more about the alternative medicine and laser therapy market. There's also links to more knowledge for you from a healthcare perspective. Once you know that more about laser, it's easy to get more confident and more excited about it too. And you are going to want to pass that on to your patients, because if your patients understand what type of treatment they are getting, they're going to be more of an active participant in that treatment. They're going to have better success rates. And they're going to spread the word for you. They're going to be out there preaching the laser gospel, if you will, and getting their friends and their family and their neighbors to come in and see you.

What else can we do to help doctors educate their patients? We have a lot of patients come to us looking for evidence for laser therapy. They want to know that good studies have been done, without having to actually read the publications and wade through all the technical jargon. This is why LTI produces the podcast "Healing at the Speed of Light," a weekly audio podcast to explain laser therapy and the research that is being done for it. Patients are more educated now, they go online, they look up their symptoms and their conditions, many times they've already made their own diagnosis, or they've already done the research on what kind of treatment they want. They're coming in more prepared, more armed with knowledge, and we've seen a real big hunger for knowledge when it comes to laser therapy. So on the podcast episodes we've been able to take scientific studies on laser therapy and condense them down to easily digestible 10-to-15-minute segments that your patients can hear about what research has been done and know that what you are doing is backed by research.

Laser Clinic Growth

A lot of providers start looking at offering laser therapy in their clinics to drive growth. Are you looking for clinic growth? A huge part of what we do at Laser Therapy Institute is providing pathways to clinic growth. Patients are your biggest advertisers. They're going to be referring patients in because of the success they've had with their treatments through laser therapy at your clinic. For patients to have that success, of course you need the education and the training to be able to give those treatments. Obviously, if you have success that way, you won't even have to spend much money on marketing because your results will speak for themselves.

Another challenge to clinic growth is the administration side of things and how to grow your clinic and having the strategies for that as well as the training to provide the laser therapy itself. If you're having to hire more people to run the laser, if you're having to deal with pricing and billing concerns and plans, you may need some help making that successful. That's another aspect that LTI provides, is that clinic administration side, so that you can be successful, not only with your patient results, but also with the way you manage your staff, the way you manage your clinic, and the way that you can guide your practice growth.

laser clinic growth
clinic growth

Laser Therapy Institute Can Help!

if you're just starting out and wondering if laser therapy is right for you, it can be overwhelming to have to come up with this strategy and plan of how you're going to implement laser therapy into your practice. How are you going to introduce it to your patients? How are you going to introduce it to the staff? And how are you going to execute it for the next couple of weeks, months, and years to come? Having assistance with that game plan is something you really need to have before you jump right in it. This toolset will be something that you can refer back to as you go through integrating laser therapy, you can download it and have it as a toolset for months to come as you continue to progress in your clinic growth.

Download your tool set here, take a look, and put it into action. You know what, I'd love your feedback. Is this valuable? Is this useful to you? What can we add? What else would you like to see on this toolset after you go through it? What are you noticing? Please give us your feedback!

Next week, we've got another special edition of the LTI podcast coming. We are going to sit down and tell you what is coming in this next year. We have some major plans for new course development, new content, new laser settings, and more. All of our members get access to all this brand-new content as it's introduced, there's never any upgrade fees. You get a notification every time we publish something new and you can access it immediately through the member portal. And we've got so much planned. Can't wait to talk to you about it!


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