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To Optimize Your Laser Therapy Practice.

Advancing healthcare at the speed of light

About us
Certified medical laser safety officer instructing providers and patients

Laser practitioners need effective settings, techniques, and protocols. We lead the way by developing treatments based on science and clinical application.

Using our online platform, LTI Members conveniently enhance their knowledge of laser therapy through clinical training from the only independent provider of advanced high-intensity laser training.

Laser technician and chiropractor applying laser therapy treatment
Nurse practitioner inspiring patient success

Patients visiting LTI Members' clinics receive clinically proven laser therapy treatments that are safe and effective. This improves patient results, which increases LTI-Member clinics' success. 


Frequently Asked Questions from Healthcare Providers

  • Why LTI?

    • Our mission is to enable patients to receive effective, safe, non-pharmaceutical treatments by providing medical providers with both the confidence and the means to treat their patients with high-intensity laser therapy across the spectrum of conditions.

  • How does LTI support medical providers? 

    • Our members receive proven laser therapy treatments and protocols based on extensive research that has been ongoing since the 1980s. As a member, you also get detailed training for all aspects of a medical clinic practice—including certificates of completion of training, marketing materials, information resources, protected membership regions, and many other exclusive benefits. 

    • We exist to provide light therapy training for healthcare providers. We provide basic and advanced training for Class 4 high intensity multiwavelength therapeutic lasers, especially K-Lasers from Eltech. Currently supported models are the Cube 4, Cube 4 Plus/Performance, Cube 30, and Speciale LIVE. Our curriculum also applies to several additional laser devices; contact us to learn more.

  • Who is LTI?

    • LTI's personnel is comprised of experienced laser providers, technicians, operation and administration managers, and clinic owners. 

    • LTI's clientele consists of healthcare providers who provide high-intensity laser therapy and are certified LTI members, as well as all staff members who complete our programs designed for their position, which include laser technicians and clinical operations managers. You can find an LTI clinic near you by visiting our map.

  • Why should I become a member?

  1. You receive world-class training that is affordable and easy to complete in a timely, self-paced manner via an interactive learning management system. 

  2. You do not sacrifice any ownership percentage, nor do you pay a percentage on collections because we are not a franchise organization. 

  3. You will gain direct access to our founder, Dr. Jason Rountree, whois a leading authority in utilizing Class IV laser therapy treatments, clinically delivering more than 60,000 treatments within the last 7 years and studying such treatments for over a decade. 

  4. You will be given support developing a laser therapy practice that provides a good return on your laser therapy investments and capitalizes on a growing industry. 

  5. As an LTI member, you will be regarded as a provider or clinic owner who consistently delivers excellent results to your laser-therapy patients.

  • How do I become a member?

    • If you are looking to deliver quality healthcare through high-intensity laser therapy, you can become an LTI member by paying a decreasing annual fee, which can be broken into monthly payments. The membership is finalized with a renewing, annual contract. To get started, or to ask any questions not found here, email us at or schedule a meeting (833-533-2533). 


“[LTI training] just took me to a whole other level. I mean I cannot tell you how much I appreciate having your knowledge base to call up as a resource. It would be all guesswork without having the modules you put out. If you want to become an expert, and you want to be able to help people, you got to join Laser Therapy Institute.” 

---- LTI Member

“Since starting LTI, I’ve really had a greater understanding of what the laser can actually do and at what a significant level and how to process each patient’s condition differently and how to get them through a different series of treatments but also explain the importance of it.”


“With LTI, I’m able to saturate the tissue with different levels, with different depths, with different amount of strengths to allow for different types of healing, but also on a systemic level.”


“Everything I have been able to learn with the LTI program has definitely added a huge, additional dimension to my practice and the patients I’m able to treat.”

---- LTI Member

"My patient had scleroderma for several years. The worst of it in his forearms and hands. Third treatment today and is able to pinch his skin on his forearms!"

---- LTI Member

"After 2 treatments, [my paralytic patient] was able to activate her foot extensors!!!! It was slight but you can feel them wanting to extend! On exam last week it was absent!"

---- LTI Member

"I had a patient post COVID, saw her 3x in a row right after quarantine and she did tremendous! HUGE turn around even after the first visit."

---- LTI Member

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